PINK Concussions is the FIRST EVER non-profit organization with a highly personal and urgent mission to improve the pre-injury education and post-injury medical care for women and girls challenged by brain injury including concussion incurred from sport, violence, accidents or military service. We are #pinkTBI.

In the Medical and Science Community, PINK Concussions:

In 2016, PINK organized two international medical conferences in February and October, and has two more conferences scheduled for 2017, a confirmed event at NIH and potential event in Australia.

  • Stimulates and inspires brain injury research with sex and gender considerations, as well as imaging of female brains.

In 2016, Over 100 top medical experts and researchers presented sex/gender TBI data at PINK Conferences. The PINK Concussions Young Researcher Award was given in Feb and October to two top young female researchers in the field of TBI.

  • Publicizes current research on the differences female brain injury and female experience of brain injury via public events and all forms media at local, state, national, and international events.

In 2016, PINK media appeared on ESPN and in Scientific American, The Washington Post, HEALTH Magazine and The American Brain Injury Association Magazine, Kappa Kappa Gamma’s The Key in addition to scores of newspaper stories. We have over 9,000 followers on Twitter and a strong FB following.

For Women and Girls, PINK Concussions:

  • Fosters online communities for young women isolated by concussion with the PINK Internship Program and conference staffing opportunities.

In 2016, 20 young women are enrolled in our international online intern program, 10 girls staffed our medical conferences, as well as 2 girls and 3 boys participated in our full-time intern program for high school credit.

  • Creates online and print educational resources for schools, sports and medical clinics like our upcoming PINK Concussions Book.

Launched in 2016, 25 women and girls are currently writing their concussion stories for our upcoming book.

  • Develops social gatherings and weekend educational/inspirational retreats for PCS for women to share community,

In 2016, the PINK PCS Retreat program developed and now at the fundraising for the pilot retreat.

In 2017, the first female-focused educational resources for women will be created by PINK Concussions based on the hard science and subsequent peer-reviewed summit articles from the brain trust gathered at our summits.