Female Concussions?

Research in the early 2000's showed that female brain injuries including concussions, were not the same as brain injuries in males.

Yet today, almost 20 years later, most woman and doctors are still unaware of the biological differences in brain injury.

THE FACTS are women and girls have been shown, in multiple research studies dating back to the early 2000's, that women:

  • Sustain more concussions at a higher rate than their male counterparts in sports with similar rules
  • Report a higher number, and more severe, symptoms than males
  • Have longer recovery periods than males

THE CHALLENGE is since women and girls are rarely educated about female brain injury, many of these women are not prepared to cope with more severe symptoms and often have unrealistic expectations of recovery time when faced with Post Concussion Syndrome.

And despite the established facts of female brain injury, the sport, academic, military, and medical communities do not have any female-specific medical guidelines, return to school/play/work/duty protocols or education resources designed for women. We are changing the world to better care for women with #pinkTBI.

Through our advocacy over the last three years, PINK Concussions has made an Female Brain Injury  an important topic in the national news, medical journalssocial media and even on Capitol Hill. 

The #pinkTBI movement fueled by PINK Concussions' mission is improving awareness and beginning  to change how the medical community views female brain injury. Our PINK Concussions' team has some great events planned for 2017!

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