Our October 6-7 Symposium at the Palo Alto VA was a huge success!!

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FACT Female brain injuries, including concussions, are not the same as brain injuries in males.

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THE FACTS are females have been shown in multiple research studies to:

  • Sustain more concussions at a higher rate than their male counterparts
  • Report a higher number, and more severe, symptoms than males
  • Have longer recovery periods than males

We coined the term #pinkTBI, not to belittle or mock female brain injury, but have a concise term to use on social media to educate and advocate for change. 

THE CHALLENGE is, despite the facts of #pinkTBI, the sport, academic, military, and medical communities do not have any female-specific medical guidelines, return to school/play/work/duty protocols or education resources.

Women and girls are rarely educated about #pinkTBI differences and ill-prepared to cope with more severe symptoms and often have unrealistic expectations of recovery time. 

PINK CONCUSSIONS is the FIRST EVER non-profit organization with a highly personal and urgent mission to improve the pre-injury education and post-injury medical care for women and girls challenged by concussions and traumatic brain injuries (TBI) incurred from sport, violence, accidents or military service. We are #pinkTBI.

Through our advocacy over the last three years, Female Brain Injury becoming an important topic in the news, medical journals, social media and on Capitol Hill. Already #pinkTBI videos, social media, articles in the press, scientific papers and conversations are starting to change the awareness and management of female brain injury.

OUR MISSION is to continue changing how the medical providers, families, schools and the workplace educate and care for females with #pinkTBI.

Our international medical summits are providing cutting edge research and updating training for the medical providers while stimulating conversation and collaboration among researchers working in the field. See video.

The first female-focused educational resources for women will be created by PINK Concussions in the summer of 2017, based on the hard science and subsequent peer-reviewed summit articles from the brain trust gathered at our summits.


  • Continue to create international medical summits with world-class experts/researchers/clinicians
  • Publicize the most current research on how female brain injury is different from male
  • Stimulate, inspire, and fund future sex/gender-based TBI studies
  • Develop science-based, educational resources designed for women and girls' needs
  • Share the female experience of brain injury at state, national, and global events
  • Create in person and online communities for females isolated by concussion and TBI


October 6-7 2016 PINK Concussions Symposium Palo Alto will be hosted by the Palo Alto VA Health Care System

March 2-3 2017 PINK Concussions International Summit on Female Concussion and TBI will be hosted by National Institutes of Health (NIH)


2016 PINK Concussions International Summit on Female Concussion and TBI was held on February 27-28, with 65 world class concussion and TBI experts presenting 25 papers and 40 posters for 220 participants hosted by Georgetown University Medical Center. 

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