Female brain injuries, including concussions, are not the same as brain injuries in males.

THE FACTS are females have been shown in multiple research studies to:

  • Sustain more concussions at a higher rate than their male counterparts
  • Report a higher number, and more severe, symptoms than males
  • Have longer recovery periods than males

We coined the term #pinkTBI, not to belittle or mock female brain injury, but have a concise term to use on social media to educate and advocate for change. 

THE CHALLENGE is, despite the facts of #pinkTBI, the sport, academic, military, and medical communities do not have any female-specific medical guidelines, return to school/play/work/duty protocols or education resources.

Women and girls are rarely educated about #pinkTBI differences and ill-prepared to cope with more severe symptoms and often have unrealistic expectations of recovery time. 

OUR MISSION is to continue changing how the medical providers, families, schools and the workplace educate and care for females with #pinkTBI.

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