Our 2018 PINK Concussions Ambassadors

Here are eight amazing women sharing their experience of brain injury, their personal insights and advice for medical/research community. While each was injured in different ways through sports, violence, accidents and military service, they share similar challenges and victories along the journey of brain injury.

These interviews were filmed on Dec 18, 2017, when The PINK Concussions Panel: Faces of Female Brain Injury was hosted the National Institutes of Health NIH workshop, Understanding Brain Injury in Women.

Brain Injuries in Sports

Natalie’s promising career in high school lacrosse ended with a check to her head in spring of her Sophomore year. 

Keywords: Sports Injury, Lacrosse Injury, High school work load, beening a teen with anxiety and school pressure

Watch for: Sports Injury, Soccer Injury, Professional Athlete, Multiple Concussions, Woman

Brittni, PINK Board Member, is former collegiate soccer player who was forced   to retire from soccer after her 9th concussion.

Keywords: Sports Injury, College Soccer Injury, Professional Athlete, Multiple Concussions

Brain Injury from Accidents

Chéri, a professional actress and model, was sidelined by a fall onto cement in an action scene on the set. 

Watch for: Work Injury, Actor/model, Career Changing Injury

Cara survived a motor vehicle accident when driving back to Cornell Law School in upstate NY. 

Watch for: Car Injury, Graduate Student

Brain Injury from Violence

“Freya” was beaten, strangled, held underwater, and thrown from a porch by her husband. 

Keywords: Domestic Violence, Brain Injury from decades before, Anxiety

Colleen Slaton's dream of becoming a pediatric occupational therapist was put on hold by a violent workplace assault. 

Keywords: Violent Assault at the Work Place, Returning to Graduate School after brain injury


Brain Injury in Military Service