Dorothy Sims

Dorothy Clay Sims is the founding partner of Sims and Stakenborg, PA.  Most recently she was in charge of forensics in the Casey Anthony defense team.  Dorothy got  fed up with lying experts. She spent l0 years studying psychological and physical tests, taking the tests herself, meeting the authors to find out how bad doctors spin the science. She now helps lawyers who consult with her to provide suggested questions for cross examination or, in some cases, cross examine the doctor  and prepare and present medical issues in mediation for lawyers across the US.

She has given over  300 speeches internationally on medical/legal issues throughout the world.  Her book, Exposing the Deceptive Defense Doctor was considered a “Must read” in David Ball’s book on the Reptile brain  and was a number one best seller 3 years in a row.  She has graciously agreed to donate her proceeds to all books sold today back to our organization and if you wish to buy one, there is a booth outside and you can ask her to sign it after the conference.

Dorothy has  been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Lawyers USA and been featured on Greta Van Sustern, In Sessions, Joy Bahar and Pierse Morgan.  She authored  many articles and chapters of books devoted to outing” dishonest doctors.  She’s been insulted, grieved, and even had her life threatened by unhappy doctors…which means she’s doing her job.