Brittni Souder, PINK Board Member is a native of Frederick, Maryland and a former collegiate soccer player who was forced to retire from soccer after her 9th concussion. Brittni sustained 3 concussions in one month during her junior season at Hood College. After two surgeries on her head and taking a semester off, she returned to school for her final semester and soccer season in the fall of 2014, when she suffered her final concussion after a collision with another player in a game.

Brittni was able to finish college from home with the help of her professors and officially graduated in May of 2015. She now coaches college soccer and is passionate about spreading concussion awareness to athletes, parents, athletic trainers, and coaches; and she hopes her story will serve as an example to other athletes to care for their brain. Brittni is taking classes towards a Master's Degree in Exercise Science with a dual concentration in Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention, and Sport Psychology.