Angela Lumba-Brown, MD

Dr. Angela Lumba-Brown is an Assistant Professor in Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics at Stanford University, where she practices clinically in the pediatric emergency department.  She is also the co-director of the Stanford Concussion and Brain Performance Center.  

Dr. Lumba-Brown is the first-author on the 2018 Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Among Children.  She has been a member of the CDC’s expert workgroup panel on pediatric mTBI for over 7 years.  Her research in this role focused on evidence-based management of mild TBI, inclusive of concussion, in all pediatric age groups, regardless of mechanism of injury. 

Dr. Lumba-Brown’s current research establishes evidence for concussion-subtypes and examines targeted treatments through the Stanford Brain Trauma Evidence-Based Consortium.  She also studies brain performance and translation of injury-based rehabilitative strategies to broader populations.  Her work has been published in JAMA Pediatrics, the Journal of Trauma, Annals of Emergency Medicine, Neurosurgery, and the Journal of Neurotrauma.  She has been highlighted on NPR and in the New York Times. 

Dr. Lumba-Brown is passionate about injury prevention and the application of personalized medicine to concussion rehabilitation strategies.