I am currently a freshman in college studying psychology and business admin. I have dreams to one day start up my own concussion rehab clinic. When I am not studying I love to hike, ski, play the violin, and do yoga. 




My name is Hillary and I'm currently in my first year in college. I am planning on majoring in Education and possibly minor in either Exercise Science or Psychology. In high school I was a competitive swimmer and during fall of my sophomore year I sustained my first concussion when I collided head on with a swimmer one day. Since this first concussion, I have had a total of 5 concussions and have dealt with lasting effects from them each day. Being a swimmer I never thought that I would have to worry about concussions, figuring that is wasn't exactly a "contact sport". However, I have now seen first hand how you don't need a sport with a helmet to hit your head. As I have continued to make tremendous progress, as well as continue my first year in college, I have become increasingly interested in sharing my story and finding ways to raise awareness and increase concussion education as much as possible. Interning at PINK Concussions has given me the chance to learn more about the concussion field as well as give me a great group of people to get to know and work with! 

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Sarah is a recent high school graduate from Bethesda, MD who lost her ice hockey career to concussions. She is currently taking a gap year to work in advocacy and complete recovery before starting at the University of Michigan's Honors College. 



Alicia is four years post-concussion, but continuing to fight. She is a junior in college studying Communications Studies and Mass Communications. She is hoping to help make lives easier for those who are fighting the Post-Concussion Syndrome journey. 



I am a recent high school graduate who is currently taking a gap year to try and manage some health issues. I have been struggling with Post Concussion Syndrome for four years now. I like to make art in various forms and like to use my art to help cope with the chronic pain and to also connect with others who are going through the same thing!



I am 21 and am studying Political Science at Catholic University. I enjoy spinning, hiking, exploring DC, being involved in campus activities, making jewelry, and traveling. I hope to move on to law school and advocate for disability and human rights.




I graduated from college in 2016 with a Bachelors of Science in Human Biology, as well as, Social Sciences and Medicine. Since I can remember, sports have been a central part of my life and focus for the last 15 years. So much so, that I devoted the remaining four years of my career to play Division I soccer in the Big Ten. Unfortunately, I sustained two significant concussions in my last two seasons and was advised following my senior season to resign from the sport I loved. While my collegiate soccer career and future professional endeavors came to an abrupt halt, I have now joined a different team. A team that perhaps works on a bigger field and whose goal may me bigger than any soccer goal. I am beyond thrilled to have joined PINK Concussions and look forward to sharing my own personal journey with concussions to empower women and help change the way we deal with concussions from the inside out. 



I am currently a high school senior in Manhattan with a passion for digital media and entrepreneurship. I lost my lacrosse career to a brain injury during the spring of my Sophomore year from a lacrosse check to the head. My concussion lasted over 6 months and I continue to struggle with Post Concussion Syndrome. I hope to spread information and awareness about females with concussions and to help enact change in the sports and academic world. When I am not working, I love to take pictures, listen to music, and travel. 


I'm a junior in high school in New York City, and I have suffered from four concussions. I have been an athlete my whole entire life and sports have always meant the world to me. Ever since I could remember, my greatest dream was to play college basketball. February of my freshmen year this all changed when I got my third concussion. This brain injury took me out of school for nearly the whole second half of the school year and forced me to give up my hopes of ever playing basketball in college. Although I am still allowed to play, everything is different: my position, my limitations, my aggression, etc. My brain injuries have also really posed academic obstacles that I've had to overcome. However, I do believe that I have taken much of the negative and turned it into positive. I have learned so much about myself after sustaining my four brain injuries and am very excited to be a part of pink concussions and help others get through the same exact thing I went through. 


I'm 18 and a senior in high school.  I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA.  I think I've had 17 concussions but there could be more.  I got my first concussion when I was 10 and have had a headache ever since.  I was an elite soccer player for 13 years but after my 13th concussion I was forced to retire from contact sports.  Unfortunately I sustained my 14th concussion just 3 months later and was forced to miss my junior year of high school.  While all my friends were preparing for the SAT, I was sitting in a dark room or going to 10 doctor's appointments a week.  I still suffer from pretty much every symptom post concussion but I have seen small improvements and hope to continue to see more.  I am excited to intern at PINK and help spread my story and awareness of the need to speak up if you think you or a teammate could have a concussion.  


I am currently a junior majoring in Psychology at Fordham University. In addition to being a Division 1 athlete, I have an interest in the brain and learning how it is affected by traumatic brain injuries. In the past couple years I have sustained numerous concussions while playing soccer, increasing my curiosity on the subject and my want to spread awareness. As I get older I feel a growing sense of responsibility to educate other female athletes on the topic and PINK Concussions provides a great platform to do just that as well as reach out to a broader audience. I hope to be able to share my story and provide information for future research.


I am currently a high school senior in Rutland, Vermont.  As well as being an avid learner, I enjoy playing many sports throughout the year including soccer, golf and ice hockey. Next year I hope to pursue Health Sciences in college so that I can one day assist people in need within the medical field.  I am overjoyed to be interning at PINK Concussions so that I can help the expansion of female concussion knowledge all over the world.