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Kait Surdoval

Rebecca Stites


AJ – see video below



Josephine Pucci - also see video below


Bike Accident

Emma Kitchen



Tabitha Graham



Two Harvard Students talk about their concussions

Josephine U. Pucci ’13, a Crimson hockey player with Olympic ambitions, talks about the injuries that caused her to withdraw from the College.  Source:

AJ Millet ’13, a former Harvard soccer player, was knocked out of the game after her second diagnosed concussion.

These three amazing women suffered concussions and out of their experience created the website, Concussions Speak. Kait & Rebecca, suffered soccers concussions and Emma a concussion from a serious bike accident. I have had the honor of working as an advisor to these women, and they are passionate about what they do.

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Concussions Speak is a non-profit online community for athletes to share their concussion stories. The goal of the site is to create an open community for the friends and family of an athlete who has suffered a concussion to understand what they’re going through. All three were both varsity athletes who suffered concussions that forced them to switch sports. They hope that sharing stories through Concussions Speak will help open a dialogue about concussions.