News links from various sources – we are reading them all and will pick our final list by Feb. 15, 2013

Rates of Concussion for Females Just as Much of Concern as Males: Key Fact: “The riskiest season of all for women is female soccer players, who trail only football players on the number of concussions reported . . .”

NFL Progress on Concussions Blurred by Inconsistencies

Brain Injury Changes Persist For Months After Concussion

Does Having a Concussion Mean That I Will Develop Dementia When I’m Older

Concussion Therapy Needs to Include Return to Normal Cognition

Focus on Concussion Overlooks Other Aspects of Athlete Healthc

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Regrets Not Taking Concussion More Seriously

How the Athletic Culture Suppresses Concussion Research

Multiple Concussions Linked to Aggression, Explosivity

New Cases of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy in NFL Players

Latest NFL Tragedy Adds Fuel to the Fire

Sport Concussion Upsets Brain’s Resting State

After 4th Concussion, Athlete Moves From Pitch to Pool

Update on New Ways to Measure Concussion

Fear of Concussions Reshaping Football

NFL Pension Paid $2 Million to Players While NFL Denied Football-Concussion Link

The Rise of Concussions

NFLPA Wants Concussion Specialists On Sidelines

Australia Shaking Up Concussion Guidelines

Reports of Head Injury are Soaring

Details in Pop Warner Concussion Scandal

Concussion Conundrum Affects NCAA

NFL Players More Likely to Have Neurodegenerative Disease

Consistent Criteria for Concussion are Lacking

Why Fans Applaud Injury

Living Through the Fog of Concussion

New Study Contradicts Notion That Concussions are Worse in Female Athletes

Misconceptions About Concussions

Concussion Experts Shine in Arizona

Young Athletes Need Individualized Return to Play

Untreated Concussions Can Lead to Mental Problems in Some Teens

Jahvid Best Represents the NFL’s Newest Problem

ImPACT Test May Not Be a Panacea

Physicians, Certified Athletic Trainers Key to Return to Play From Concussion

High School Return to Play Laws Emphasize Education

Doctors Throw Flag on High School Concussions 

Minor Head Trauma Can Cause Long-Term Damage

Lions Surprised Best Not Cleared–nfl.html

AMSSM statement on ‘Concussion in Sport’