Pink Concussions’ Mission

The mission of Pink is to highlight what is known about female concussions, list resources, and share women’s personal experiences with head injury. The goal is to encourage more research on the vulnerability, the causes of injury and the delay in recovery time for females of all ages.

And beyond sports concussions, what else is known about female TBI in the civilian research done on domestic violence or accidents, or by our military on female veterans?

The Inspiration

photoThe idea for originated from a misquote on Super Bowl Sunday 2013, when Jim Nantz stated on a pre-game show with Roger Goodell
that “women’s soccer players are 2 1/2 times more likely to suffer a concussion than college football player.” What Nantz meant to say was to compare women’s soccer to “men soccer”, not to football players. This “misquote” caused controversy as press, and soccer-football fans alike scrambled to google the correct statistics.

Katherine Snedaker, MSW, watched on Twitter as people struggled to find the source of the quote; and she realized there needed to be a central hub for information about female concussions. She knew that most of the statistics about female concussions were not easy to find as they are buried in short paragraphs in larger research studies.

For example, here is American Medical Society for Sports Medicine Position Statement: Concussion in Sport 2012which is an excellent summary of concussions in sports but findings about women’s concussions are not found until the section, Sex, on page six of the report.

  • Recent data suggest that in sports with similar rules female athletes sustain more concussions than their male counterparts.
  • In addition, female athletes experience or report a higher number and severity of symptoms as well as a longer duration of recovery than male athletes in several studies.

Within three days of the Super Bowl, Katherine had collected enough content to launch Pink and on Twitter, @PinkConcussions, and this became the first site on the internet to focus purely on female head injuries.


The Founder

Katherine “Price” Snedaker is striving to be an agent of change in concussion education for youth sports thru public speaking, consulting, and social media.

  • Mother of son with history of multiple concussions
  • Personal history of concussions
  • Concussion social worker in top concussion clinic
  • Founder of organization to create change in attitudes, training and response to youth sport concussions in practices and games
  • Founder of support groups to provide innovative ways for teens with concussions to connect with other “healed” teens

Katherine, an educator and expert in the mental health aspects of concussions, confirmed the site’s value when she presented in DC, on Feb. 25, 2013, to the Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council Committee on Sports-Related Concussion. As she was waiting to present on the effects of sports concussions on young athletes and their families, she noticed that almost every presentation had some small section about differences in female concussion including those from the US Army and ATC of West Point. Female concussions kept coming up throughout the event as side comments from presenters who announced these female differences should be studied in more detail in the future. The DC experience combined with tweets and email coming in from female athletes, who had suffered concussions, encouraged her to continue working on the site.

This is the third website Katherine has launched in the last five years. She launched to deal with the loopholes in the 2009 Connecticut Concussion Law. Sports was designed to help recreational teams, town leagues and private schools build concussion awareness into their programs for players, coaches and parents.  She designed this website around her concern with middle school aged athletes who are not covered by CT Concussion Law since they play in private or town leagues rather than in public middle schools where they would be protect by the law.  She has been work with CT and NY lacrosse leagues for several years and hopes to bring concussion awareness to teams from other sports across the state.  In 2010, Katherine first founded of Team Concussion, a social media/web based support group for teenagers who were isolated at home with concussions.

Katherine has her Masters in Social Work and has worked as a school social worker. In addition to being a lifelong athlete, she has over ten years experience coaching boys lacrosse and co-ed soccer with children aged 5 to 15.  She has vast experience with concussions herself as an athlete, a professional, a coach, CONNy league advisor and a parent of three active sons.

To help with research, Katherine has agreed to donate her brain to the study of CTE after she dies and encourages all adult athletes with concussion histories to consider this option. Please contact her if you would like more information.

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